• Lunch period is from 12:10-12:35 daily.
  • Hot lunch comes with milk. 
    • Choice 1 changes each day.
    • Choice 2 changes weekly.
    • Choice 3 is always yogurt, cheese, and graham crackers.
  • Lunch monitors remind all students to eat their sandwich first, but do not inspect lunches.
  • Please communicate your expectations to your child concerning what and how much s/he is to eat.  Frequently, students with many snacks in their lunchbox do not eat much of their sandwich.
  • Ice cream is available daily to all students and ranges from $0.45-$1.00.
  • Students are responsible for bringing their ice cream money to the cafeteria and holding on to it.  Please do not put ice cream money in with the hot lunch money.
  • Students may not purchase ice cream for other students.